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How it works.....





BERTRAM HARRIS  is a Building Designer and General Contractor based in Oakland California that focuses on building, redesigning  & renovating rooms in a home to better adapt a home to the homeowner, be it a bathroom, ADU or addition to a home.

PROCESS..begins with an appt. with customers and examine why and what is to be changed and or improved. The existing infrastructure of plumbing, electrical, size, and relevant building footprint. There are many options to remodel, and design within the building codes.

If needed general measurements may be taken at the visit to determine feasibility in terms of current building code.

BUILDING PLANS: Depending on the work to be done, building plans are done

to satisfy planning and revised to refine and allow budget completion.

BUDGETS..can be the key factors that determines access to the how, when,what and character, quality of a project outcome.

ESTIMATES.. are the combination of the time, materials choices, and code applications combined with a much 

creativity as we can rolle into one.

ONCE.. agreed to your projects are booked, permits are pulled if needed and work begins.


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