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We Build ADUs for our customers to increase the value of their home, provide a secondary revenue stream and add lifestyle flexibility.

ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit)? – FAQs and Fast facts.


What is an ADU (granny flat, in-law unit)?

It is a secondary unit that provides complete separate living (cooking, sleeping) and sits on the same lot as a single family home.


It can be located entirely within a single-family home (i.e. basement, terrace level, attached garage) or be a wholly separate unit (i.e. existing detached garage, new construction “cottage”).  It requires an independent entrance separate from the main home.


An ADU can be rented but cannot be sold on it’s own. An ADU is truly designed to be a secondary unit.


All building rules and regulations apply as defined by the local city and county ordinances.


What is Senate Bill 1069?

Senate Bill 1069, making the ADU easier and less expensive to build throughout the state of California and went into effect in January 2017.


Can I rent out my ADU?

Yes, you can rent out your ADU.  This is a great source for additional revenue as well as a help to reduce the existing housing crisis.


Can I Move into the ADU?

Yes, you can move into the ADU.  Often the homeowner has the desire to downsize their living space and may want to rent out the main dwelling.


What are the possible benefits of building an ADU?

ADU offer a variety of benefits including:

  • Increase affordable housing supply

  • Provide housing for caregivers, family members or a multi-generational home

  • Extra income to offset increasing cost of living

  • Empty nesters can downsize to a smaller unit while renting the larger unit for additional income

  • Increase in property value


What do I do about permitting?

Don’t worry, that’s where we come in.  We understand all of the ins and outs of working with the city/county to make sure that your ADU abides by all the current and ever changing regulations and adheres to codes.


What about the Design?

Bring your questions to us to build a unit that fits your particular needs.  We take into consideration whether you will be renting the unit, using it as a studio or whether you will be living in it yourself.  Our ADU designs are built with the highest quality.  We use the most sustainable materials available.  We build for creativity and efficiency.

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