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" He's a general contractor with a thing for industrial design and reclaimed material"-


John B. SFoodie Editor-San Francisco, CA

"in the end my condo bathroom makeovers needed creativiy and design, in my case the budget did not allow for both a designer, architect and contractor, specially for a small project, and with Bert being open to working with me to incorporate my ideas we were able to make them work; I am very happy the way they came out-especially over what was there before, I hated my old bathrooms"


R.Perata-Condo Owner-Alameda, CA

"recyling, garderning, I enjoy doing in my backyard. Understanding that, is what led me to the detached mudroom project. His approach was to design and build it for the most part purchasing vintage reclaimed material from Omega Salvage, Urban Ore along with new stuff from Lowes and Home Depot, that is what I needed and he nailed it,  I love it"...


R. Couch-Home Owner-Oakland, CA

"as a building Designer we have done a lot of projects together with different situations, different conditions and building Code Challenges. Being able to communicate and explain to a customer or inspector what is going on can in some cases be a difficult task, Bert knows how to do this, and do it from the customers perspective, and that is key given the fact that we have budgets and deadlines to commit to. I look forward in continuing to do projects together with him, it has been very good so far and I expect it will be in the future"...


J. Rodriguez Building Designer-San Francisco, CA


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